EGX London Liveset 18. September 2020 | Syndarella Synthonie

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Unbelievable that we were allowed to play for the biggest gaming fair in the UK. That is so awesome for us!!!
But because Covid 19 is still raging on planet earth we had to land on the space station “MP Music Brühl”. There we made a live stream for the EGX London.
But unfortunately we had to leave our beloved “Chii” after this event. Her valuable time on board of the spaceship SYNTHONIE is unfortunately over. But we hope that one day, when the times on earth have changed and certain circumstances have changed, we will be able to welcome this precious person again as a member of SYNTHONIE.
No matter what the circumstances are at present, we will keep you in good memory.

#egx #egxlondon #livestream

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