Golden Axe – Wilderness Theme Synthwave Version – Splash Sound Retrowave and UJAM Vice Demo | Pete Checkley Sound Design


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Evening all,

So another challenge! I picked up Splash Sound Retrowave and the new UJAM Vice this week in the sales! Having spent most of my youth playing Golden Axe down our local swimming pool I decided to make a Synthwave version using these two libraries. I added some SFX from some Synthwave Black Octopus libraries.

Retro Wave was something like $29 and worth every penny! A great collection of 80’s sounding synths but not over processed. UJAM Vice has a tonne of content, loops, playable drums and song sections. Much better than using loops and had a blast playing around with it!

Hope you enjoy, it’s my first ever Synthwave outing! I even recorded myself playing Golden Axe fairly badly…no other sounds, just the Synthwave music!

Have fun!