Let It Be ☆ The Beatles ☆ Harmonica & Ukulele ☆ 렛잇비 ☆ 비틀즈 ☆ 하모니카 & 우쿨렐레 연주곡 | JJ Jung

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하모니카 연주에 우쿨렐레 소리를 입혀본 Let It Be (The Beatles) 입니다. 하모니카를 연주하신 분은 ‘김중태’ 님입니다. 하모니카 뿐만 아니라 색소폰, 건반, 트럼펫 등 여러 악기를 고품격으로 연주하시는 뮤지션입니다. 그 분의 채널을 소개해드립니다.
☆ 유튜브 채널명: “김중태Live Music”
☆ 채널 링크: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo6slbQcRZZIC9mbXFNiSw

This is my another collaboration with a harmonica player for “Let It Be (The Beatles)”. He is a talented musician playing harmonica, saxophone, keyboard, trumpet and some more. He is such a typical multi-instrumentalist. His YouTube channel name is “김중태Live Music” but you may visit through the link here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo6slbQcRZZIC9mbXFNiSw. Hope you enjoy his music as well.

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