I Abound – SATB – Gilliland/Rodriguez | Paul Gilliland Music


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This is a MIDI playback of an SATB with piano setting of the Bridgette Rodriguez’ Poem “I Abound” by Paul Gilliland.

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Song Text:


Just as you find them, so do I Abound
Colors and shades of my love all around
As in the eyes of a child, everything’s new —
The fresh picked flowers, the wonder of you,
The prism of light that shines from the sun,
The row of tulips together as one,
The bright colored rainbow gracing the sky,
The river that flows in the by-and-by,
The rolling thunder as the cool rain falls,
The wind which whispers and beckons your call,
The voice that speaks in the quiet of night,
The birds who nest and then rise to take flight,
The stormy waters of the deep blue sea,
The essence of you, the essence of me.
Just as you find them, so do I Abound
Proof of my goodness and love all around.

(c) 2012 by Bridgette Rodriguez, used by permission.

(c) 2020 by Paul Gilliland Music (ASCAP)