The Kithara of Apollo | Michael Levy


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“The Kithara of Apollo” – track 9 from from my new album, “The Scented Gardens of Alcinous” -available from all major digital music platforms, higher quality 320kbps MP3’s of the album can also be purchased direct from my website:

This album attempt to literally conjure snapshots of ancient Greek mythology, through the exotic timbre of recreated Greek lyres and kithara!

The kithara, so often associated with the Apollo; ancient Greek god of music himself, was the highly advanced, large wooden lyre favoured by only the true professional musicians of ancient Greece, which reached its pinnacle of perfection during the “Golden Age” of Classical Antiquity, circa 5th century BCE.

This track features the wonderfully recreated Kithara of the Golden Age of Classical Greece – hand-made in modern Greece by Luthieros:

In this piece, by the use of simple vocal lines, I attempt to illustrate how the rich deep timbre of the reconstructed ancient Greek kithara was, besides being perfect as a solo instrument, was quite literally the ‘guitar’ of antiquity; when it came to accompanying the human voice.

Indeed, in Classical Greece, kithara players were so venerated, that actual kithara contests were a regular feature of daily life of ancient Greece. Indeed, it is actually from the word “kithara” which we derive our modern word ‘guitar’!



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