Traveller Part Three by Therese Lefèbvre | LazyPixel Production [Original Epic Music Extended Play] | Therese Lefèbvre


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Part Three…

…composing for movies is a lifelong dream …meanwhile Traveller continues… may it touch your heart and brush your soul…

Original Composition, Storyline, Video Production by Therese Lefèbvre
Arranging, Mixing, Mastering by LazyPixel Production
Copyright © 2020 Therese Lefèbvre | LazyPixel Production.
All rights reserved.
Any unauthorized copying or reproduction
is strictly prohibited.

Dear Sébastien and François a pleasure as always to work with you. This Traveller Extended Play is giving us much thrill and emotions. It’s wonderful to explore different sounds and styles with each part of it. It’s a creative journey in both audio and visual. Joining our ideas and skills is very motivating… you are both aces in your fields …thank you for each and every effort each step of the way…

Traveller Part One

Traveller Part Two


This video is NOT MADE FOR KIDS.

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