Coffin Dance 6/8 Epic Variation (Metropolis Ark 1 & 2) | Astronomia cover by Arturo Albero | Arturo Albero


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An epic variation of the famous track Astronomia (original by Vicetone and Tony Igy). It’s in 6/8 and it features Metropolis Ark 1 & 2, as well as Eastwest Spaces 2, OTT, NI Replika, Izotope Ozone 8 and some Cubase 10 plugins. I hope you like it.

I decided to use Metropolis Ark 2 in the lower section in the middle (which is the one that most resembles the original, but it’s quite different as well) but also as a layer to the strings in the more epic parts. I did so because Metropolis Ark 2 is broader than 1 and it gives body to the whole track.

I did this cover because I was asked to. Do you want I write some other track like this?

I hope you like it!