Faith by Therese Lefèbvre | Rick Danner [Original Piano & Guitar Composition] | Therese Lefèbvre


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…these were …and still are
…very trying times
…where one sits back …reflects …and wonders
…where one cannot but …hang on to

…it is my great pleasure and honour I am currently working on various pieces together with…
Rick Danner …a skilled …experienced …versatile professional musician who has not only composed countless compositions of his own… and performed countless live gigs as a lead guitarist all his life… but who is also doing me the honour and is enriching some of my new pieces with his exquisite guitar. This journey took off with our first piece ‘Contemplation’ and is still continuing till this very day with various works. We feel we complete eachothers’ inner magic in a very special way… it’s a very beautiful and natural musical chemistry which one feels blessed to find. I love what you add to my piano dear Rick… but most of all I love the passion with which you do it… thank you for the beautiful emotions you pass on to me and to anyone who hears your soul playing …thank you for being there and for encouraging me always …you are very special to me …you are an amazing musician …a true professional …and you are so humble.

Many of you have the pleasure like me to already know Rick’s works, but for those who don’t as yet, his channel is a gem of quality music where you’ll get to listen to some truly professional playing, top notch live performances and complete original productions.
Check it out:

Original Piano Composition: Therese Lefèbvre
Guitar Composition: Rick Danner
Mastering: François Rocheleau (Mastering Engineer for LazyPixel Production)
Video Production: Therese Lefèbvre

Music adequate for Movie Scores, Shows, Dance, Leisure.

Copyright © 2020 Therese Lefèbvre | Rick Danner.
All rights reserved.
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is strictly prohibited.

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

Dear François, working with you is a pleasure on all fronts. You’re always motivated, helpful, skilled, professional and most of all friendly. You did not only master this track but even solved a technical problem we encountered with the sound. I know it took you time to get to this result and for this I truly thank you. Your end result is always top notch. I have been working with you for about a year now, I look back and smile on each work we did together. Not only I appreciate how you improved their sound quality but I also appreciate how you assisted with each one of them as a new challenge and as a means to keep on improving and obtaining a better sound. Thank you for being there both as a professional and a friend I cherish a lot… last but not least thank you for the laughs …you don’t only have stellar skills but you also got a stellar humour my dear friend.

Check out François Rocheleau’s work on his awesome channels, and enjoy some true hits with his superb sound / ask him for a quote if needed for arranging/mixing/mastering:

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