Possession Démoniaque (Album Créatures et Autres Mondes) by Nathalie ITTA | AMAZING CINEMATIC MUSIC COLLABORATION


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Possession Démoniaque (Album Créatures et Autres Mondes)
Horror music composed and produced by Nathalie ITTA
Copyright Nathalie ITTA 2020

The Exorcist, film directed by William Friedkin and inspired by the novel written by William Peter Blatty is a film that scared me a lot when I was a child, the book even more … William Peter Blatty was inspired by a real case of demonic possession and of exorcism he had heard of when he was a student. This is the story of a young girl Regan McNeil, possessed by a demon and two exorcist priests will try to free her …The main theme of the movie “Tubular Bells” composed by Mike Oldfield has become a classic.

The scenes of the movie are disturbing, scary and some unhealthy … This inhuman side, this body of the little girl whose Demon plays with her like a disarticulated puppet … it’s appalling and frightening…

I wanted to bring out in my composition, this dark, demonic, heavy, mystic and dramatic atmosphere but also a certain tragic confrontation between God and Satan …

Nathalie ITTA gives full permission for the music to be used on this channel.

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