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Beyond The Galaxy is on The Mission with finest trance music. Melodic, uplifting melody just for you! Enjoy!

Composer and music producer Danijel Galko (Beyond The Galaxy) was born in 1978 in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Begins to compose electronic music in 2006, as already well familiar to almost all musical genres,
from the beginning combines a variety of musical styles with electronics.
His music from this period can be classified in experimental electro.
Desiring to his love of music and the vastness of the universe merge into one, in 2010 created melodic trance project Beyond The Galaxy.

In his songs you can feel the love for classical music, and his songs are rich with melodies, wide dynamic and complex arrangements.
All these elements together assembled into one unit introduces the listener on a journey to a whole new musical dimension, the dimension Beyond The Galaxy.

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Artist: Beyond The Galaxy
Genre: Progressive Trance Music/Uplifting Trance
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