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“Ancient Egyptian Dance” – track 6 from my 2020 album, “The Ancient Egyptian Lyre”…

What might an Egyptian dance have possibly sounded like? Since in ancient Egypt, there were prominent trade routes, deeper into the African continent; particularly with the trade in gold between Egypt & Nubia, it certainly seem likely that along with this trade, there almost certainly was also a trading in creative musical ideas? A fascinating possibility!

Threrefore, in an attempt to imaginatively evoke what an actual ancient Egyptian dance might have actually sound like, I am thankful for the wonderfully evocative African rhythms featured in this track, performed by the Obokano lyre player, Nick Vest. The traditional Kenyan Obokano is a large, bass register lyre, whose distinctive buzzing rhythm is produced due its bridge of reeds (traditionally held in place by bees wax) on which the vibrating strings rest:

The timbre also compliments the similar buzzing timbre or my replica lyre; which instead of featuring a modern, sharp ‘A’ shaped guitar-style bridge, also have a more authentic, flatter bench shaped bridge on which the vibrating strings rest; producing an exotic, ancient sitar-like sound.

“The Ancient Egyptian Lyre” is available from all the usual digital music stores (including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & Amazon) – higher quality audio can also be downloaded direct from my website:

This album features 7 original compositions for my replica of an actual, surviving ancient Egyptian lyre; miraculously preserved in Leiden:

My replica Egyptian lyre, was custom made by Luthieros:

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