Yamaha EMT-1 & EMR-1 synth pop song Feelings from Late 80’ies 29.7.2020 | Veli-Matti Rautio


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My newest vintage synth and drum module bargains, arrived in Tuesday and new song finished a couple of minutes ago this Wednesday evening: ) EMT-1 is FM Sound Expander and EMR-1 is Digital Drummer. All synth sounds and fx from EMT-1, drumbeats from EMR-1. Boss RC-505 looper, midi master clock to sync EMR-1 and JD-Xi arp. Roland JD-Xi midi master keys and arp to EMT-1. Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Used sounds were:
Track 1: EMR-1 Rock’n 1, 1 – 8 beats with fill in and Rock’n 2, 9 – 16 beats with fill in.
Track 2: EMT-1: Synth Bass with arp and Horn with fx bright & fast.
Track 3: EMT-1: Strings fx mellow.
Track 4: EMT-1: Piano fx bright.
Track 5: EMT-1: Trumpet fx bright & fast.
Lead by Trumpet fx bright & fast.
Drums doubled playin’ live with Rock’n 1. Composed, played, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 29.7.2020.
Lisää hankintoja 80-luvun lopulta, Yamahan kaksi pientä laatikkoa EMT-1 FM laajennus soundiloota ja EMR-1 digitaalirumpali: ) Nämä tulivat sopivasti vastaan, kiitos Artturille kaupoista: ) Maanantaina paketti tuli postiin, tiistaina sen hain ja keskiviikkoiltana uusi biis oli jo valmis, ihan puhtaalta pöydältä tehty; )