Korg M3 song Alpha Omega 2nd version 21.8.2020 | Veli-Matti Rautio


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Yesterday made this song with Roland D-05 and Korg Volca Beats sounds. Originally it is M3 song : ) Today was M3 turn to play it. All sounds from M3. Used sound was from combi bank I-AB 012: Paddy Cool. Karma engine & latch on. Scenes 1 – 4 switched with foot pedal. Chord trigger buttons used. Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos noon 21.8.2020. #509.
Tämä biisi on alunperin tehty M3:lla, mutta tein eilen siitä version D-05:lla ja Volca Beatsilla. Tänään sitten alkuperäisen suunnitelman lopullinen toteutus M3:lla : ) Kaikki soundit siitä. Live veto, kuvaus Zoom Q4n:llä.