Even a ” Fortress ” Can Fall … ( Original ) with Lyric sheet | #ERROR!

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( Even A Fortress Can Fall ) by Glenny G
A song written about all the variations of four walls that surround one s life. Even a coffin has four walls right ?
This is my first song written for my new project I call (Acoustic Army) .
I will be re exploring the joys of using only acoustic base instruments.

LYRICS ( Even A Fortress Can Fall )
I don’t want to be here without you
Cause I can’t stand to be alone
When these four walls surround you
Even a fortress can fall
Its hard to breathe , I can’t leave
There comes a time to carry on
My mind won’t rest , I must confess
I wonder what went wrong
There’s a single flower in the garden
A few loose rocks on a gravel road
My heart and face has been hardened
But you had your reasons to go
I wrapped my mind around you
I loved you more each day
I thanked the lord I found you
But now he’s taken you away
The sun will rise tomorrow
A buried soul consumes it’s flesh
And your last four walls now surround you
You put that fortress to the test
Even a fortress can fall