I envy seas whereon he rides. Torbjørn Vagle, Ad Van Nederpelt, Oddrun Eikli. | oddrun eikli


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Vocal and vocal composition: Oddrun Eikli
Piano and instrumental composition: Torbjørn Vagle https://soundcloud.com/tobbenv
Orchestral composition and performance: Ad Van Nederpelt https://soundcloud.com/ad-van-nederpelt
Production for all instruments and vocals, the final mix and mastering: Ad Van Nederpelt
Poem: Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886)
Photo Torbjørn Vagle and Cover layout: Vetle Vagle
Thank you so much Torbjørn and Ad for this great JOY.
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was an American poet. Little-known during her life, she has since been regarded as one of the most important figures in American poetry.

In this poem, Dickinson discusses her love for a man. She is jealous of everything around him, the water “He rides”, the Chariots, the hills that watch him going by, the sparrows, the fly, even the leaves.
“I envy Seas, whereon He rides –” can be seen as a love poem for a man, but it can also be seen as a religious poem. The mention of Heaven and Gabriel can easily make this connection. The love of God and the love of everything he created.

I envy seas whereon he rides

I envy seas whereon he rides,
I envy spokes of wheels
Of chariots that him convey,
I envy speechless hills

That gaze upon his journey;
How easy all can see
What is forbidden utterly
As heaven, unto me!

I envy nests of sparrows
That dot his distant eaves,
The wealthy fly upon his pane,
The happy, happy leaves

That just abroad his window
Have summer’s leave to be,
The earrings of Pizarro
Could not obtain for me.

I envy light that wakes him,
And bells that boldly ring
To tell him it is noon abroad,—
Myself his noon could bring,

Yet interdict my blossom
And abrogate my bee,
Lest noon in everlasting night
Drop Gabriel and me