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“A musical vision of Summer, a time of warmth, light and fun. A time to live life to the full and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. As the season moves on, the solstice reminds us that the warmth and light cannot last as we start to head into Autumn”


Summer, finds me trying to express, in music, my feelings about this season. Below is a attempt at doing this in words too. This is the chronologically the forth and final of my orchestral pieces that describe the four temperate seasons of the year.

If you want to hear the other pieces from the series “The Wheel Turns” after listening to this piece, the link is here :-

The days grow longer, the nights shorter, as the golden ball we call the sun parades in all it’s glory.This is a time for living life to the full, a time of happiness, a time of pleasure and excess.

At the solstice, some people still give thanks to the life giving orb upon which we all depend. For we know this moment cannot last, the majesty will fade, the warmth will falter, the party will end.

With threadbare days and darker nights the proud display of Summer flowers starts to fade. The heat can be oppressive, at times there is a chill in the air and Nature herself seems finally quiescent.

We will carry those memories of days on the beach or at the park in our hearts forever. Those days of fun.


Con Sordino Strings (Albion One – Spitfire)
Ensemble Strings Mid Octave (Chris Hein Strings)
Viola Ensemble (Chris Hein Strings)
Cello Ensemble (Chris Hein Strings)
Bass Ensemble (Chris Hein Strings)
Solo(1826 Old)Violin (Chris Hein Strings)
Alto Flute (Chris Hein Winds)
C Flute (Chris Hein Winds)
Piccolo (Chris Hein Winds)
English Horn (Chris Hein Winds)
Barock Bassoon (Chris Hein Winds)
Trumpet Ensemble (Chris Hein Brass)
French Horn (Chris Hein Brass)
French Horn Ensemble(Chris Hein Brass)
Trombone (Chris Hein Brass)
Tuba (Chris Hein Brass)
Cymbal (Albion One – Spitfire)
Bass Drum (Kontakt Factory Library)
Concert Harp (Garritan Personal Orchestra 5)
Timpani (Kontakt Factory Library and Garritan Personal Orchestra 5)

This piece evolved into 5 different thematic viewpoints that I labelled up to give an insight into the composition.

1)Grand Intro … Sunrise / The Majesty of the Sun
2)Summer Promenade / The Beauty of Life
3)Summer Fun / The Bandstand
4)Balmy Days / Sultry Nights
5)A Fading Glory / The Last Hurrah

The piece commences with a Summer sunrise and the sound of French horn and alto flute before the brass heralds the glory of the sun with a fanfare .

Next is the introduction of the main Summer promenade theme which reflects on the glory of a Summers day before a quieter section featuring solo violin and a bit of flute in the beauty of life.

A harp glissando heralds a change of pace and mood as harp and flute hint at children playing in the park before a brief visit to a quintessentially English band-stand, complete with brass band and thumping bass drum.

Balmy days / Sultry nights introduces the listener to the fading grandeur of Summer, a more melancholic line from the English horn acting as a counterpoint to a slower version of the earlier promenade theme.

Finally the piece ends with a last hurrah for Summer as a wistful line and rolled timpani hint at the onset of Autumn. A final bit of pomp with timpani and brass completes the piece.

It was quite a task to fit all that imagery into four minutes of music but overall think it works. 🙂