The Wheel Turns Orchestral Suite (Full Suite) | MrBouzouki


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An orchestral suite comprising four orchestral pieces that describe the four temperate seasons of the year. The project title is a nod to the cyclical nature of the seasons. The words below acted as a catalyst for the music.

This is the full suite or four pieces with a running time of 16 mins 20 seconds.

The Wheel Turns Project – YouTube playlist.…RmJmjyFr0HF6dnUF2


The waiting is over. The Winter chill recedes and there is a tacit acceptance to the demands of birth and rebirth. A sign of fresh green poking through the ground is a welcome sight, a simple signal that all will be well.

Very quickly, in a sudden rush, there is life in the hedgerows and the sound of birds heralding a new season. One of life and growth and warmer days and rainy times, but overall a feeling of hope.

You have longed for this moment, a chance to put away your Winter clothes and feel the sun upon your face again. The riot of change will continue as the life-giving sun takes longer marches through the sky.

Spring of all seasons is a time to revel in simply feeling alive.

P Goodrich – January 2021


The days grow longer, the nights shorter, as the golden ball we call the sun parades in all it’s glory. This is a time for living life to the full, a time of happiness, a time of pleasure and excess.

At the solstice, some people still give thanks to the life giving orb upon which we all depend. For we know this moment cannot last, the majesty will fade, the warmth will falter, the party will end.

With threadbare days and darker nights the proud display of Summer flowers starts to fade. The heat can be oppressive, at times there is a chill in the air and Nature herself seems finally quiescent.

We will carry those memories of days on the beach or at the park in our hearts forever. Those days of fun.

P Goodrich – April 2021


The majesty of Summer has now faded. Leaves, once so green, now a myriad of fading colours as Mother Nature withdraws her life-giving hand.

The weather is changing too. Strong winds and blustery days jostle with times of calm reflection, as you take a little wander through the woods.

The squirrels are busy, as are the birds, as some prepare for darker times whilst others set forth on their migrant flights.

For nature knows, whilst man often forgets, that change is in the air.

P Goodrich – Oct 2020


As you travel deep into the heart of Winter,life slowly withdraws for a time. Not defeated, just resting for a while. New life will be reborn as the nights get shorter after the solstice.

But for now, you walk out into it’s heart and reflect on the austere beauty this season brings. Water frozen over and castles made of ice. A fellow traveller hunched against the cold nods as you walk by.

The magic of Christmas quickly fades into the chill of the New Year. A time of renewal and vows of friendship and peace.

Nature is holding it’s breath, ready to be be reborn with the light of the sun.

P Goodrich – Dec 2018