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A Band Without Wisdom by Glenny G
There was a time not long ago
We did our best and now we know
We past the test That’s all we really can say
Climbed to the top then rearranged
Worked real hard to make our name
We did our best That’s all we can say
It’s ok It’s alright It takes time to see the light
We were young and never knew
With out wisdom sometimes you loose
Those were the days the best of times
Gone to fast like songs that rhyme
You can’t escape your place in the sun
Now looking back from left to right
A younger face a spotlight
So many friends were left behind
Bill joined the war died on a hill
Jim got married and left his will
Frank and Joe just disappeared
Mark and Jane changed their name
Left the country on a plane
Landed somewhere near cat-man-do
Jim on drums Bill on bass
Frank and Joe led the race
Mark , Jane and myself carried the load
We played it straight gave are all
Band on the run meant to fall
We Gave our best
That’s all we can say.