A Time Of Heroes (It’s All Greek to Me) | MrBouzouki


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This is the first track of a new instrumental project I’ve entitled “It’s All Greek to Me”, as I explore the myths and legends of Ancient Greece.

I’m using Ancient Greek instruments featured in the ‘Ancient Worlds VST Library from Big Fish Audio’, underpinned with classical orchestral instruments. There are some very interesting sounds in it that do seem to evoke a time long ago.

Since the project is based around some of the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, I wanted a generic opening track that would introduce the listener to some of the sounds and set an overall tone for the project. I really wanted a different feel from a typical ‘all guns blazing’ modern film score since it isn’t accompanying live action but is hopefully a piece in its own right.

So a piece with the title “A Time of Heroes” seemed like a good idea to kick off the project. 🙂

Instrumentation Used

Lyre – it was one of the most important and well-known stringed instruments of Greek Antiquity.

Kithara – this was considered the “professional” instrument of antiquity, and the public highly regarded kithara players.

Kavali – this is a chromatic end-blown flute traditionally played throughout Armenia, the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey.

Flogera – is a type of flute used in Greek folk music. It is a simple end-blown bamboo flute without a fipple, which is played by directing a narrow air stream against its sharp, open upper end. It typically has seven finger holes.

Water Pumpkins – also called “Water Drums” these instruments can be found in Africa (Mali) and other continents. Water Pumpkins are played with the hands or with soft mallets. They usually come in pairs and have a diameter of 32 – 36 cm. The deeper bowl is filled with water, the smaller one is set on the water. The pitch of the water drums can be tuned by changing the water level inside the floating shell.

Antique Cymbals – are the ancestors of the modern metal cymbals. During the Minoan period, they arrived on the island of Crete from Asia.

Pan Flute – this is an ancient instrument, associated with the demigod Pan, who was the protector of the woods and the shepherds. Variations of the instrument used a number between three and eighteen pipes. The classic Greek Pan Flute used pipes of the same length.

In addition to the ancient instruments above the track also features :-

Orchestral CS Strings (Albion One – Spitfire)
Viola Ensemble (Piz and Long)(Chris Hein Strings)
Cello Ensemble (Piz and Long)(Chris Hein Strings)
Bass Ensemble Piz and Long)(Chris Hein Strings)
French Horn Ensemble (Chris Hein Brass)
Trombone Ensemble (Chris Hein Brass)
Tuba (Chris Hein Brass)
Bb Clarinet (Chris Hein Winds)
Snare Drum (VSL Big Bang Orchestra | Quasar)
XXL Percussion(Albion One – Spitfire)
St Peter’s Choir (Halion 6)