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This is a collection of self produced, original acoustic guitar instrumental compositions from my second solo album, “II.”
Originally published 2/13/18, this album features only the acoustic guitar, at times multitracked, but there are no other instruments recorded here other than acoustic guitar. Really. Truly. Sincerely. Honestly!

On July 1, 2017, I found myself relieved of a day job. I made a point to spend the next season (seven months… isn’t it quite amazing how these things often run a bit over the allotted time and budget?) putting out my second solo album. I learned a lot during this time. Thankfully, I haven’t had the need to find an additional day job since. I am SO grateful for that! Ever since then, I’ve produced an eclectic collection of compositions from solo acoustic guitar, piano solos, jazz ensembles, rock bands, and yes, even symphony orchestral pieces! This one is a particular gem in my collection that I hope that you will enjoy!

Music plays such a vital role in our lives. At times like these, we can all use a little soothing, goodness and happiness.
Music is so powerful in it’s abilities to heal, to bring us happiness, and joy.
I hope that you enjoy this music.
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Track List;
0:00 Start
0:02 Tara’s Tune
3:22 Autumn In The Park
6:32 Breezes
10:27 Cool Rain
12:56 By The Sacred Stream In The Woods
15:41 Wood And Wire
18:22 The Backroad Home
21:35 Song For A Friend
23:19 Sleep Waltzing
26:56 Enchanted Darkness
30:31 End

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Original Compositions by Russell Nollen

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