Traveller Part Four by Therese Lefèbvre | LazyPixel Production [Original Epic Music Extended Play] | Therese Lefèbvre


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Part Four…

…composing for movies is a lifelong dream …meanwhile Traveller continues… may it touch your heart and brush your soul…

Original Composition, Storyline, Video Production by Therese Lefèbvre
Arranging, Mixing, Mastering by LazyPixel Production
Copyright © 2020 Therese Lefèbvre | LazyPixel Production.
All rights reserved.
Any unauthorized copying or reproduction
is strictly prohibited.

…life gets tough at times …and in the hardest of days …sometimes …the sweetest melodies are born… they are feelings poured on keys…

As always …thank you Sébastien for this sublime arrangement dressing my piano and for the time and passion you put in such works. Thank you also François for the final mastering of this piece and this majestic and crystal sound. We presented the first installment of this series one year ago. This fourth part was scheduled for an earlier release, but due to life getting in the way in my personal… it had to go a little slower my end. It is now a great pleasure to finally publish this work which contains great efforts and which was completed through lengthy hours… weeks… and months of work… invested in both its audio and visual …may you all feel the emotion and love put in this further part of Traveller…

I now wish to say a few words to all you friends on YouTube. This year comes to an end and one looks back and appreciates the good amongst the bad… and you dear friends are a reason I manage to still smile on some grey days. I am always very happy to put in efforts… create new works and share them with you… even when life is sometimes not really treating me that well… and this year in particular was a very tough one and I do somehow wonder how I kept my strength to work on the Traveller Project…. together with other works I presented this year …and further works already in an advanced stage coming up next year… times are hard right now for all of us… yet we have something in common… the love of creating… the love of performing… the love of sharing… I appreciate each and every one of you… and do know you often cause an emotion with your art… and a smile with your nature in my days… and for that I thank you…. I am blessed to know you and to have you…

It is probably not going to be a classic Christmas, but may you all find some peace and spend anyway a Merry Christmas cozy cozy in your homes. This is my last upload for this year but do know so much is in plan and already in works for the coming year, which I hope is a better one for us all … God bless you… stay safe…

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

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