The Fly, a comic drama-Kavour S. Christos | Kavour S. Christos


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«”The Fly”, a comic drama» is the first part of the trilogy «The Society».

Society nowadays tends to think everything in boxes, in a schedule, in accordance with routine. It is time that people will wake up. The fly is this annoying little creature that makes you get up and hunt it. The initiative of putting effort and energy in something so small, is the whole idea of the comic-drama.
A family of three follows the routine until the fly comes in, and then everything changes. From something so small everything turns to be dramatically funny in the beginning, while the end of the story tends to be funnily dramatic.
A strict father of routine, a goofy mother living in her own world and a daughter who wants her own freedom.
The Fly has a lot of hidden messages. Try to find them. Pay attention to the fly. Pay attention to the little details, because in the end that is the beauty of life. For all viewers, The Fly is an experiment to find you inner self and your inner and outer details. Can you?

Dedicated to my Family and
to each “Fly” & “Pawn” around the world.

Director: Sybrand van der Werf
Conductor: Vykintas Baltakas
Composer: Kavour S. Christos
Libretto: Kavour S. Christos & Alexandros Kavvadas

Set: Aimée Knoben
Costume: Dorina Kappatou
Comic Book Artist: Marco Plinio Razildo

General Planning & Organizing: Miriam Pascual Benavent

Father: Krisztian Egyed
Mama: Nina Basdras
Daughter: Gwenaelle Ghislain
Choir: Teodora Drozdik-Popovic, Rebeca van Koert, Dean Parker, Zaki Hagins Martinez, Felipe Hoyos-González, Kavour S. Christos

Flute: Kristupas Gikas
Viola: Monika Kiknadzė
Tuba: Simonas Kaupinis
Piano: Greta Garmašaitė
Percussion: Guillem Ruiz
Percussion: Francesco Bellomo (gerauschmacher)

The Fly premiered in the M4 Music Theatre Festival in Maastricht.