The Wrath of Cerberus | Michael Levy


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“The Wrath of Cerberus”: track 6 from my new album, “Spirits of the Ancestors” – out on all major digital music platforms on 31st December, this album is also available to pre-order from iTunes & Amazon from 14th December 2020!

This release is a musical evocation of the ancient Greek mythology surrounding the passage of the spirits of the dead, on their journey to reach Elysium – a comfortable place where the sun always shone…

In my efforts to create a ‘New Ancestral’ music, (composing new music for the recreated lyres of ancient times in an effort to bring these wonderfully versatile instruments new life into the 21st century and beyond), several of the resulting recordings are enhanced with contemporary, otherworldly studio effects – hopefully suitable for waking the pantheon of ancient Greek gods from their slumbers!

Track 6 attempts to evoke the fear of the spirits of the deceased, when faced with Ceberus – according to ancient Greek mythology, on the bank of the river Styx, the spirit of the deceased would encounter Cerberus, the fearsome three-headed hound of Hades who guarded the Underworld of the dead. His job was to stop people from leaving and returning to the world of the living.

This piece features my Luthieros “Lyre of Apollo III” – an enormous 11-string lyre with soundboard of skin:

Lyre of Apollo (11 or 13 strings) – ancient Greek lyre

The piece is in the unsettling microtonal ancient Greek Archytas Enharmonic Genus, with rhythm spontaneously created by beating my authentic carved goats horn plectrum against the drum-like skin soundboard of my lyre – in an attempt to imitate the barking of this three-headed canine obomination of ancient Greek mythology!


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