Hollywood Dreams – Original vs ALBUM Remaster (Comparison) | Daniel Muñoz Vera


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This is a a comparison between 4 Hollywood Dreams tracks, showing the huge differences in sound quality between the original tracks published in Youtube, and the upcoming remastered versions avaliable as an album on January 11 2021 on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio and MANY more platforms!

Album tracklist:
1. The Adventure Begins
2. Nightfall in Tomorrow City
3. Run for your Life
4. A Song for a Princess
5. The Dark Secret
6. Kingdom of the Flying Warriors
7. Forgotten Toys
8. The Mothership
9. The Wrath of Gaia
10. Requiem for a Gunslinger
11. Sunday at the Park
12. Unknown Survivors
13. The Curse of Hatshepsut
14. Winter Whispers

NOTE: The Beyond tracks are not included. They will go on a separate future album. 😉

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