Brocéliande – Album Créatures et Autres Mondes by Nathalie ITTA | AMAZING CINEMATIC MUSIC COLLABORATION


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Brocéliande – Album Créatures et Autres Mondes
Fantasy music composed and produced by Nathalie ITTA
Copyright Nathalie ITTA 2020

Brocéliande is a legendary Druid and Celtic place located in Brittany (France) in Paimpont. Many legends about Merlin the Enchanter, The fairy Viviane, Lancelot du lac and King Arthur were born in this forest.

I spent a few days there to visit the Brocéliande forest and its legendary sites. It was a magnificent stay filled with magic, druidic essences, medieval legends, dreams …

Having Breton origins, these stories have always fascinated me !
I hope to transmit a little of this magic that I felt there through my composition of Celtic and Medieval style.

Nathalie ITTA gives full permission for the music to be used on this channel.

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