The Train of Hope by Therese Lefèbvre | Rick Danner [Original Piano & Guitar Composition] | Therese Lefèbvre


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…I wish to start the year
…with hope

…he needs no introduction …Rick Danner …a skilled …passionate …and experienced guitarist who is doing me the honour by embarking with me on various works. Dear Rick I never thought I would one day play with such a professional like you. I grew up watching these awesome guitarists rocking the stage when I was young… and this journey with you of guitar and piano is simply incredible… I created you this piece some time ago… and begged you to blaze on it… my jaw dropped when you sent me the finished piece… love the genuine excitement when we’re about to launch a new work… this piece is not new on your channel… you went first …and it is so rewarding to see the huge feedback it already got… you had created back then a video and you named it The Train of Hope… I could relate somehow… so I followed your steps …and recreated your vision in my way…

For those who didn’t do it yet, check out Rick Danner’s channel …a gem of quality music where you’ll get to listen to some truly professional playing, top notch live performances and complete original productions.

Original Piano Composition: Therese Lefèbvre
Guitar Composition: Rick Danner
Mastering: François Rocheleau
Video Production: Therese Lefèbvre

Music adequate for Movie Scores, Shows, Dance, Leisure.

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

Dear François, here we go again, yet another work together. Thank you for this crystal mastering… this is a very powerful track and your touch beautifully enhanced the magic between our instruments. I love the intensity you give to my piano …and I am hooked on your sound. I love the vibe when we’re working on something… there’s enthusiasm… a drive to always improve …and most of all it remains fun as it should be. Thank you my dear friend.

Check out François Rocheleau’s work on his awesome channels, and enjoy some true hits with his superb sound / ask him for a quote if needed for arranging/mixing/mastering:

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