Cosmic Consiousness | Michael Levy


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Constantly experimenting at fusing ancient & modern timbres into a ‘New Ancestral Music’ fusion, here is “Cosmic Consciousness” – another brand new composition, for the recreated ancient lyre!

In creating this type of music, I have actually discovered, that the distincitive meditative qualities of the recreated ancient lyre are in many cases, almost magically enhanced by the fusion of contemporary studio effects.

To hear more of my similar musical experiments, please also check out my other experimental albums (available from all major digital music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & Amazon, with lossless audio quality available from Bandcamp):

“Ascension of the Lyre” – released in 2017, this album was actually inspired by the iconic Star Trek character, Spock & his performance of the ‘Vulcan Harp’ (which was actually a futuristic lyre!). This album, as the title suggests, literally attempts to ascend the ancient lyre into an instrument fit for our far flung future as am interplanetary species, living amongst the stars.

“Spirits of the Ancestors” – released in 2020, similar in spirit to “Ascension of the Lyre”, this release goes boldly where no other lyre player has gone before!

The album attempts to express through the music of the recreated lyre, the passage of the difficult passage of the soul, to the reach the ancient Greek ideal of Elysium; the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent:

“Ancient Dreamscapes” – also released in 2020, the ultimate aim of this album, is to create a meditative, inspirational compilation; suitable for enhancing creative thinking, relaxation & to transport the listener to distinctive dreamscapes sculptured by their own imaginations in response to my lyre improvisations:


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