Korg Kronos soundtrack song January the 16th day 16.1.2021 | Veli-Matti Rautio


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This saturday 2nd song with Korg Kronos and Nanopad 2. My studio session last about one and a half hour producing two songs, ambient and soundtrack songs 🙂 Used sound was from combi bank USER-D, where are my Karma lab sounds, 015: Fathom Five. Karma engine & Drum track activated, latch on, scenes 7 – 8, ctb contol with Korg Nanopad 2. Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 16.1.2021. #593.
Tämän lauantain toinen biisi. Saman session aikana tein kaksi kappaletta, eka Karmalla ja MicroX:llä sekä toinen Kronoksella. Kronoksella leffamusiikkimaisissa tunnelmissa. Zoom Q4n kuvasi musailun 🙂