EHX experiment demo Minus Degrees Again with friends 20.02.2020 |


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Four EHX (8-Step Programmer, Foot Control, Superego+ and Small Stone Nano) pedals, BigSky and Adrenalinn 3 with Roland JX-03 together today: )
My newest EHX pedals 8 Step Programmer and Foot Control arrived in my set last monday. It is now cold outside again, so that’s why I gave this name. Quite complex connection with these equipments.
JX-03 audio out to Superego+ input.
Foot Control input to 8 Step Program FC input.
8 Step program CV out to Superego+ EXP input.
Supergo+ output to BigSky input L.
BigSky output L to Small Stone nano input.
BigSky output R to Proel Mi6 mixer input 2.
Small Stone Nano output to Adrenalinn 3 input.
Adrenalinn 3 output L/mono to Proel Mi6 mixer input 1.
JX-03 sound was C4 (modified). BigSky reverb was from bank 1 Bloom.
Superego + fx was Filter and Adrenalinn 3 used preset 112 (drumbeat 134).
Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 20.02.2020: )
EHX perheeni kasvoi, maanantaina settiini tuli 8 Step Programmer ja sille jalka kontrolleri. Tänään sain aikaiseksi sopivat kytkennät ja pienen demobiisin valmiiksi taas alkaneen pakkasjakson kunniaksi; ) Ja tänäänhän on mielenkiintoinen lukusarja 20.02.2020; )