Piano Sonata No. 3 – 1st Mvt – Gerald Wilhelm Braden |


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This is the 1st mvt of my new 3rd Piano Sonata (Andante – Allegro) In E Major. It begins with a simple Andante lyrical theme, and gradually progresses with a 2nd slightly more lively theme, and then on to the 3rd theme in Allegro. I am dedicating my Piano Sonata No. 3 to Leonid Korelstein, who has become a new friend and patron of my music. This piece will be in an upcoming published book of my first 3 Piano Sonatas.

I recorded this onto my rack mount studio CD recorder, using a small mixer, and my 88 key Kurzweil K2500 keyboard. If anyone is interested in performing any of my piano works live, or to record for You Tube, please contact me. The only thing I will ask in return, is for a live video of you performing my work, for me to post on my channel. I will also promote your name and performance on my You Tube channel. All my works are fully scored, and copyrighted. Thank you for listening!


Gerald Wilhelm Braden

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If anyone is interested in performing any of my music, they are all fully scored and copyrighted. Please e-mail me with comments or for info about my music at my business website: