Spring Prelude (Orchestra & Piano) Gerald Wilhelm Braden |


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My Spring Prelude is a tribute to the coming of Spring each year. The sections include: Intro; “late Winter night contemplation”; “the last Winter night storm”; “to a peaceful sleep”; “dancing at the beergarden” (a short polka, I used the woodwinds and brass to simulate an accordion, with the Tuba playing the “oompa” bass); “the land and waters begin to thaw”; “the rivers begin to flow”; “daybreak”; and “a Spring sunrise.” Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy my music…..Peace!

A note to my musical friends and fans: My uploaded orchestral and chamber music works are Midi Mp3 mixes played from my fully notated scores, using sampled instruments. Although these recordings are fine for a good listening “reference,” they will not truly shine until they are performed live by a good conductor and professional musicians. There are simply to many dynamics, articulations, tempo changes, and human emotion in these scores for a computer to playback realistically. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to replace these videos with actual live performances! If anyone is interested in performing any of my works live, please contact me. All my works are fully scored, and copyrighted. Thank you for listening!

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If anyone is interested in performing any of my music, they are all fully scored and copyrighted. Please e-mail me with comments or for info about my music at my business website:


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