Contemplation by Therese Lefèbvre & Rick Danner [Original Piano & Guitar Composition] |


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…it is my great pleasure and honour I got to work on this piece with such an amazing and experienced musician and composer who’s music and skill are one of a kind. I follow his work and his performances since the beginning of my journey here on YouTube and getting to work together on this and further projects, we are currently on, is an extraordinary musical growth where I myself am discovering territories I had never stepped on. Contemplation is a very emotional piece and guess we can all mold it in to our very own reflection. Thank you Rick Danner for enriching this piece with your distinctive “Rick-Danner-Sound”. You continuously repeated to me you did not want to step on my piano, but thing is, I created my piano on purpose to be enriched by your guitar.  This turned out very beautiful and emotional. THANK YOU RICK. Looking forward to our further works together.

Many of you have the pleasure like me to already know Rick’s works, but for those who don’t as yet, his channel is a gem of quality music where you’ll get to listen to some truly professional playing, top notch live performances and complete original productions.
Check it out:

Original Piano Composition: Therese Lefèbvre
Guitar Composition: Rick Danner
Mastering: François Rocheleau (Mastering Engineer for LazyPixel Production)
Video Production: Therese Lefèbvre

Music adequate for Movie Scores, Shows, Dance, Leisure.

Copyright © 2020 Therese Lefèbvre | Rick Danner.
All rights reserved.
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is strictly prohibited.

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This video is NOT SPECIFICALLY made for kids.

Dear François, as always thank you so much for always going the extra mile with the sound. You worked on this piece twice till you obtained this magnificent sound. Your dedication for your work is impressive and the results are excellent. Working with you is always a pleasure, it goes smooth, fast, you are very open to go through the details till you obtain the best results and it’s surely also fun. Thank you for your work, for being my friend and as always, for the humour.

Check out François Rocheleau’s work on his awesome channels, and enjoy some true hits with his superb sound:

For Arranging, Mixing, Mastering services, I recommend LazyPixel Production. Through my own experience, I can only say service is friendly and professional and music is simply taken to another level.

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