Gakken SX-150 mk II, Sound Master SR-88 song Three of Us with Korg M3 10.3.2020 |


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Three of my newest instruments together. Gakken made intro, reso 100, cutoff 100-0. BigSky connected to Gakken, fx was Bloom. SR-88 made first drums, free sync with M3 by ear. M3 used sound was from combi bank I-A 080: Dreaming Without Sleeping, Karma engine on, latch on, drum track active, scene 5, all backings, second drums and lead.
Zoom R24 mixing desk and Zoom Q4n videorecorder. Composed, played live, arranged and improvised by me in Studio Tupos 10.3.2020. It took three days to finish this song.
Tässäpä kolme uusinta instrumenttiani yhdessä. Gakken hoiti intron, kaverinaan BigSky ja efekti oli Bloom. SR-88 paukutti analogiset rummut, synkka oli korvakuulolta, meni tovi jos toinenkin, että sain kompin suurinpiirtein synkkaamaan M3.n tempoon, joka lopulta oli 78.40.
M3 hoiteli loput taustat ja soolon.