Understanding Percussion! (In-Depth Workshop feat. Joshua Sohn) | Christopher Siu


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Hey everyone! In today’s video, I’m pleased to bring on fellow composer and YouTuber Joshua Sohn! As many of you have asked questions about percussion writing, arranging, and orchestration, I thought it only appropriate that we do a dedicated video on percussion by someone who specializes in percussion! Hope you enjoy.

Check out Josh’s channel: https://cutt.ly/VkiNUNh
Josh’s website: https://www.sohncompositions.com

0:20 Categories of Percussion
2:23 Grouping Categories into Timbres & Range
4:28 Common Techniques & Articulations
7:41 Tempo & Meter – Setting the mood.
9:26 Hits & Accents
10:43 Tip #1 On Writing for Percussion
16:17 Tip #2 On Writing for Percussion
16:48 Tip #3 On Writing for Percussion
19:10 Tip #4 On Writing for Percussion
19:53 Tip #5 On Writing for Percussion
20:42 Mixing for Percussion

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