Champs- elysee Back in Paris ’44 Michael Aitchison/Lead Guitar Yamaha Pacifica |


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Song written by me 21.09.12. Song about the Liberation of Paris, from German Occupation since 1940, in the second World War. French/American/Sengelese Soldiers marched down the Famous Champs-elysee Avenue, back in Paris 1944. Recorded at Studio C, 42 Fourth Avenue, Frinton on sea, Essex, England. Thanks to Peter R. Hunt my Studio Producer, for backing vocals, and for his expertise as Studio Producer, and John C. Mcallister in the final production of this song. We must always remember the sacrifices, all those brave Allies we lost in this atrocious war.The ultimate sacrifice of life. British, American, French, Polish, Canadian. Australian, New Zealand, South African, Sengelese , Russian, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece Yugoslavian allies. Please forgive me if I have failed to mention other allies. I will amend accordingly. Michael.