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This is my Spring Prelude for piano, and it was the original “sketch” for my orchestral Prelude to Spring. It is one of 4 piano pieces in a series for the seasons. When I began composing my Four Seasons series, I started at the piano. This Spring Prelude for piano is the only piece that I used for my orchestral series. The other 3 orchestral pieces I composed are totally different than my piano Four Seasons pieces. I wanted to create a feeling of a late cold Winter moving towards Spring. It begins on a cold Winter evening (chiara). Then there is one last storm of snow flurries (animato), and a slower section, where people are tired of being trapped in their home (melancholy). Then we go from Bb minor to Bb Major on a happier sunny morning, the sun begins to melt the ice, and the rivers begin to glow, and nature coming alive again (animato). The last secitions end with a Spring sunrise filled with sunshine and warmth (calaroso), and ends with a calm feeling (calmato). If you listen to my orchestral Prelude to Spring, you will hear much more of this in the orchestration in each short section.

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