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This is the first DJ session in the row that RaveOn set up for all of you. Purpose is to make your day in this difficult time of global quarantine a little bit more bright. So, stay at home, listen and enjoy.
Play list:
1. Arude – Illusion (Original Mix)
2. Patrick Hero – Shadows (Oibaf & Wallen Rmx)
3. Enrico Sangiuliano – Hidden T
4. Sam Paganini – Chocolate (Original Mix)
5. Dubfire, Miss Kittin – Exit (Original Mix)
6. Tumalon – Shark (Phill & Dansmore Rmx)
7. Eternal Basement – Yellow Dolphins & Air Liquide (Cristian Craken Rmx)
8. Fabrication – Fade (Original Mix)
9. Fabrication – Children
10. Frank Deka – Ultrasounds (Original Mix)
11. Pavel Petrov – Ayahuasca (Original Mix)
12. Ikarius – Time (Pavel Petrov Rmx)
13. Stan Kolev – Hiwaga (Original Mix)
14. Pavel Petrov – The Hunt

DARKO DESPOTECH is one of the side projects of Darko Despotović from Užice/Serbia, the first one that is not based on any trance genres. Focus is on the techno music, mostly on its progressive and minimal sides, but also flirting with warm sound of house and techhouse as well. He felt in love with electronic music since early 2000s, and first steps actually made in the field of techno music. But very fast his attention was turned to the world of trance music where he spent the most of his time as a listener, collector, DJ and producer untill these days. After many years of studing different kind of genres, he made a very unique style of mixing, performing and producing as well. His DJ sessions are unpredictable, dynamic and not focused on one style only, either he’s mixing trance,either techno. In following months we expect his debut album for DARKO DESPOTECH project.
In 2009 an idea for organization that plan and orginize events was born. So, he established RaveOn to reprezent his city and underground artist like himself, also those who have unique perspective in electronic music. That were small but overhelming events, based on trance music mostly, untill last year when was decided to expand to the techno and house music as well. Now there is two thematic streams, depends which kind of music is played on events, RAVEOLUTION (for trance), TECHNODROME (for techno), and for house music is still in plans.
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Year: 2020
Genre: Techno, Melodic Techno, Progressive

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