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A ‘live’ performance of track 8, “The Lyre of Thamyris”; from my forthcoming new album, “The Scented Gardens of Alcinous” – available from all the usual major digital music platforms on 3rd May 2020 & available to pre-order on Amazon & iTunes from 17th April! The album can also be either previewed or downloaded now, direct from my website:

This album literally attempts to create a ‘musical adventure in time travel’; based on a patchwork quilt of specific snap-shots of ancient Greek mythology – with the ultimate aim of offering to the receptive listener, a soothing, meditative escape from all the stresses of modern life.

Track 8 attempts to express of the sorrowful ancient Greek myth of Thamyris. Son of Philammon and the nymph Argiope, Thamyris was a Thracian singer who was so proud of his skill that he boasted he could ousting the Muses. He competed against them and lost. As punishment for his presumption they blinded him, and took away his ability to make poetry and to play the lyre!

The lyre featured in this presentation, a marvellous evocation of the mythological lyre of Thamyris, was handmade in modern Greece by Luthieros:

Lyre of Thamyris (11 strings) – ancient Greek lyre



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