A New Beginning (Noteperformer 3) |


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by Günther Fiala

This is a composition for the Facebook Composer Challenge group. In this challenge, musical dice are thrown and we get four root notes: A, B, Db, F. Composers have to use chords on the given root notes – and all four root notes must be used.

I came up with a piece with the following chord progressions:
THEME 1: Db – Fm – Db – Fm – Cb – Db – A – Db
THEME 2: Dbm/Fb – Db/F – Dbm/Fb – Fm – A – Db – A – Cb

realised with Sibelius Ultimate and Noteperformer 3 (Wallander Instruments)

All videos are from Pixabay (https://www.pixabay.com). Videos by eikira, Roberto D’Amico, Bellergy RC, Elia Clerici, Muhammad Faiz Rasid, Life-Of-Vids and Christian Bodhi.
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