Gordan Lazinica – A Warm Bottom | Gordan Lazinica


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Peace and sleep are center of my dreams,
At the bottom of the ocean we don’t meet.
Our hearts finally matter,
Hug me before the answer goes away…
You’re my song and my way…

Warm and calming star!
Never fear the scar!
Sing my missing parts!
Kiss my soul and absorb my mind…

I can never find your restless ways,
Frozen time expands and keeps me away.
Leave your paths of old sorrows,
We can wait tomorrow together again…
You’re my soul and my friend…

Be my shining sea!
Let my sirens hear!
Find my heart inside waves!
Give us peace, let me stay!

The bottom is warm when you and I unite our fantasies.
Searching through chaos gives us time to reconcile with old memories.
A peaceful ocean forgives emotions that we give through time.
Sleeping in dark without any sound, we are the sanity.

Hear tiny drops, they keep clicking like an old clock, removing a lock.
We disappear in our illusions of lost time, we fade and hide.
Windflowers dance, we are the trance inside of our shells, no one to tell.
We kindly sleep, going deep inside of our minds, let us shine and be free.