The Willow Song – SSA & Piano – Elizabethan – Paul Gilliland |


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This is a MIDI playback of an SSA with piano setting the Elizabethan song “The Willow Song” arranged by Paul Gilliland. This work is part of his Elizabethan Collection.

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Song Text:

Tranditional Elizabethan

The poor soul sat signing by a sycamore tree,
Sing all a green willow;
Her hand on her bosom; her head on her knee;
Sing willow, willow, willow, willow;
Sing willow, willow, willow, willow
My garland shall be;
Sing all a green willow,
Willow, willow, willow!
Sing all a green willow
My garland shall be.

(C) 2020 by Paul Gilliland Music (ASCAP)