A Musical Adventure in Time Travel through Ancient Greek Mythology! |


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For all my much appreciated listeners, here is my own musical antidote to all the uncertainty, anxiety & tragedy currently being wreaked by the current global pandemic. I am delighted to present this brand new ‘Musical Adventure in Time Travel” through ancient Greek mythology – featuring the recreated Lyres & Kithara of Classical Antiquity! Forget for just a moment, all that is going on in our own harrowing modern world and embark with me to experience directly, the calming serenity of of the Classical Greece…

This presentation features excerpts of three tracks from my new album, “The Scented Gardens of Alcinous”:


This album, created entirely during my own introspective period of enforced national lock down, attempts to literally weave a musical patchwork quilt of ancient Greek mythology, through the exotic timbre of recreated ancient Greek lyres and kithara!

The wide variety of lyres featured in the album, include soft, gentle timbre of the ‘chelys’ (tortoise shell form lyre; with skin soundboard & wooden resonator in the form of a tortoise shell), a beautiful modern evocation of an ancient lyre, with a pure, harp-like timbre and finally, a magnificent recreation of the kithara of Classical antiquity; whose rich, deep timbre is perfect both as a solo instrument and to accompany the human voice.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 feature my magnificently mythological-looking “Lyre of Thamyris”; a chelys (tortoise shell form lyre with large wooden resonator & skin sounboard); handmade in modern Greece, by Luthieros:


Track 6, “Eos and Tithonus” & track 10, Hymn to Antheia”, features a marvellous modern evocation of an ancient lyre; handmade by the USA-based family of harp makers, “Marini Made Harps”:


The wonderfully pure harp-like timbre of this lyre in this track, is further enhanced by the use of geometrically pure just intonation.

Track 9 features the deep, resonant and distinctively evocative timbre of the Luthieros recreation of the Kithara of Classical Greece:


In this track, I use the ancient Greek lyre playing technique of ‘block and strum’ – blocking specific strings with the left hand, whilst struming the required simple harmonies on the open strings with the plectrum of carved tortoise shell with my right hand; the perfect way to accompany any vocal line; as I attempt to demonstrate throughout this piece.





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