The Kithara of Classical Greece – RECREATED! |


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A ‘live’ HD performance of my magnificent recreation of the kithara of classical Greece – the highly venerated lyre of of the professional musicans of the classical world, from the 5th century BC!

The kithara was handmade in modern Greece, by Luthieros:

Kithara of the Golden Age (7 or 9 strings)

The piece I am playing, is an original composition in the original ancient Greek Dorian mode, “The Only Thing Certain is Uncertainty”; originally featured in my 2020 release, “New Ancestral Music – Rebirth of the Ancient Lyre”:

The ancient Greek Dorian mode, misnamed the ‘Phrygian’ mode during the Middle Ages, has the equivalent intervals as E-E on the white notes of the piano. This distinctively Intensely introspective mode (heard here in authentic just intonation) was also the only musical mode which Plato viewed as having true moral worth.

To hear more of this magnificent kithara, please also see my album, “The Ancient Greek Kithara of Classical Antiquity” – available from all major digital music platforms & also available to download, direct from my website:

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