3 Ways to Monetize Your Musical Skills | Christopher Siu


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Hi everyone! On Monday, March 1st at 11am EST, we’ll be diving into 3 key ways to create an income from your musical skills, whether that be composing, orchestration, production, mixing, etc. See you then!

0:00 Intro
1:33 Composing for Media/Assistant work/Production music
9:05 Freelancing
13:24 Content Marketing
22:28 Q&A
24:06 It’s how you use your tools
24:41 New courses in the works
25:14 Where I’m actually located
25:55 The power of having an online presence
27:06 Did having an audience help with my single release?
28:30 Do expensive libraries equal better quality?
30:35 Any advice for a newly graduated musician?
34:51 Where I host my courses
35:18 How I set up articulations in my template
36:20 Will I do regular livestreams?
37:09 Limiting our toolset
37:48 What instruments do I play?
38:44 What do you do when getting stuck?
39:16 Advice for score study
39:55 My favourite piano pieces
40:48 My favourite composers

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