Arturo Albero – Ascension (Let’s Albion ONE) |


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Ascension is a track using only #Albion ONE in #Kontakt by Spitfire Audio, with minimal treatment. At the end of the description there’s a mini review of the virtual instrument.


Instruments used: Albion ONE
Plugins used: OTT by XFer, Compressor, Auto Pan, Magneto II and Maximizer by Steinberg (Cubase 10 built in).
A reverb from UR242.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Thoughs about Albion One:
Albion One is a great library, it sounds lush and very good. The ambient of the orchestral samples is simply outstanding. Besides, you have a lot of orchestral colors as well as some cool synths. However, I have several complaints that I hope they fix in a future update/re-release.

First of all, the patches are a bit disordered because they have the new Albion ONE and the Legacy ones. The funny thing is that they work well together (however, the legacy ones are a bit hard to work with) but some of the patches seems to be hidden inside the folder structure of the library. I wish I have only one folder inside the orchestra with all the articulation in the minimal amount of patches (like Full Strings, High Strings, Low Strings, High Brass, Mid Brass, Low Brass, High Woodwinds, Low Woodwinds, Combis).

In order to use well this library, you have to know it very well. In this sense, Metropolis Ark is much faster to work with (because of the folder structure!).

To sum up, I don’t like the folder structure, as some useful things remain hidden and you have to load a lot of different patches of the same kind of instrument (every one in a different folder) to get all the sounds of the library.

The same happens with the synth sounds, which are labeled with funny names but they lack a description that specifies what kind of sound is. Don’t get me wrong, I DO like the funny names, but I would appreciate a description as well (like you have in Padshop) to search the sound I need faster.

Also, they say “Albion One is everything you need to make film music in one box” but actually you’re going to miss 2 things: a full range piano (they have a piano hidden in the legacy folder, but it’s not full range) and a choir. Not a great deal, as you can get them from Labs (or the felt piano in the originals) but I thought I should point it out.

So it’s a great library, but you have to spend quite a lot of time to really get to know it and use it to it’s full extent. However, Once you’ve learnt the library, you’re going to enjoy it like a little child!

A very good starting point for beginners.

I hope you like the track and the mini review!

See you soon!
– Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
– RAM 64 GB
– Windows 10 Home