Mad World’ performed by Lisa Featherston (Multitrack Double Bass & Voice for Mental Health UK) |


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“A project that I have been working on over the last few weeks. Never before has this song felt so appropriate. Inspired by all of the wonderful arrangements out there, here is my contribution to the multitrack world.
If you can, please click on the link and donate to these amazing people who are always there when life gets a little crazy.
Hope you enjoy x” (Lisa Featherston)

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Second COVID-19 Multitrack Project.
Aimed at Mental Health Awareness.
My arrangement of Mad World by Tears for Fears, written by Roland Orzabal and originally sung by Curt Smith, based on all the amazing versions of this classic song out there, performed, directed and designed brilliantly by Lisa Featherston.

Lisa Featherston performs on five double basses multitracked with vocals, backing vocals and acting! She designed the whole project to be more than multiple boxes on a screen. I think this is sublime and unique. There are some out there still getting a salary but many freelance musicians have lost almost all work aside from some online teaching. Still, they feel the urge to create something fresh, with nothing going to them for their efforts and various ways of coping with all the worry and stress. Yet many continue to give. Lisa is one of those who gives and gives.
I arranged the music with Lisa’s direction, but I never imagined how unique and creative this multitrack project would become. Amazing.