Magnus Murel | Spitfire Audio | Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 #westworldscoringcompetition2020 |


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Music composed, arranged & recorded by Magnus Murel. Copyright 2020
Written for the Westworld Scoring Competition 2020.

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Libraries used:
Choir: 8Dio Requiem Pro

Bass, synths and FX: Trailer Braams (Fallout Audio Group), Gravity, Alchemy, 8dio Hybrid Tools 3, Omnisphere

Strings: Metropolis Ark 1, Spitfire Aperture Strings, 8Dio Symphonic Shadows, Sonikinetic Maximo

Brass: Sonokinetic Maximo, Metropolis Ark 1, 8Dio Brass Cage

Drums: 8Dio Hybrid Tools, Wavesfactory Black Toms, 8Dio The New Epic Drums Ensemble

Other: Spitfire Hauschka Toolkit

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