The Half Open Door – To Go Beyond | MrBouzouki


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The Half Open Door – To Go Beyond

The door is ajar,
a simple push is all it takes,
but dare you step through ?

Heroes, poets and fools have forever wondered
if a new world awaits you …

through the half open door

MrBouzouki – Oct 2021

This track appeared as a result of some words in October 2021 that followed on from a similar set of words from 2020. In both cases, they acted as a catalyst for a relatively short orchestral piece piece. So now I have a new series to develop over time entitled ‘Metaphysical’.

Again, I feel they are suggesting reaching out to explore the space beyond everyday experience. We really do not know what is on the other side of so many things, trapped by our senses and time itself. But are we ….. lol

Metaphysical Playlist

Viola – Chris Hein Strings
Cello – Chris Hein Strings
High Strings Ens – Chris Hein Strings
Alto Flute – Chris Hein Winds
Bassoon – Chris Hein Winds
Concert Harp and Harp Harmonics – GPO5 (Garritan)
St Peter’s Choir – Halion 6
Ymir Choir – VSL – Big Band Orchestra