Meditations | Gary Courtland-Miles


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Like breathing, improvisation is an unconscious flow from within.
When one taps into these inner autonomic cycles, we can reach a zone that’s beyond anything we could consciously think of or plan; like our heartbeat, it’s in tune with life itself, it just happens… until it doesn’t. But no worries, i suspect the essence of who we are is eternal. 😉
In any case…I love it when i find the Music is ‘Floating’…….’levitating’ so to speak… not really going anywhere in particular, but totally Present. And i suppose as we get better at finding the door to this state through improvisation, that more and more wondrous music will manifest itself through us.
But be that as it may…
May you inJOY. 😀

© Gary Courtland-Miles 2021
â„— Gary Courtland-Miles 2021