The Death of Osiris (Improvisation for Replica Ancient Egyptian Lyre) |


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“The Death of Osiris” – a spontaneous improvisation on my magnificent replica of the 3,500 year old ancient Egyptian lyre; recreated from the original dimensions of the remarkably surviving ancient Egyptian lyre preserved in Leiden!

The lyre was custom made for me, by Luthieros:

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It was believed that Osiris may have been ruled Egypt wisely during the prehistoric period, where he was the most respectable and beloved ruler of ancient Egypt to the level made Egyptians worship him as a god after his death. his jealous brother Seth thought about usurping the throne so he decided to get red of Osiris by conspiring him in a logical trick…

According to the earliest version of the myth included in the pyramids texts, at a rural festival Seth enticed his audience to try out a marvelously fashioned chest for size. When it comes to Osiris’ turn, he unsuspectingly obliged unaware that it had been made to fix him exactly. At once Osiris lays down in it, Seth and his accompanies fell on the chest and severely slaughtered his brother and badly tore the chest and threw it into the Nile to be carried away by the flood.

Isis was overwhelmed with deep sadness at the news, she cast sand on her hair, rented her robe in sorrow and set out in search for the chest of her beloved husband. Finally, she found it and hid it beneath a Tamarisk tree.

Unfortunately Seth was hunting nearby and just came upon the hidden body and tore it into 14 pieces then scattered it throughout Egypt.

The tormented Isis, this time with aid of her sister goddess Neftis, together set out once a again in harrowing journey to collect the body of her husband, having done so successfully, however goddess Neftis called on all ancient Egyptian gods to help them to rebuild the body and make it able to life. Isis crooned incantation until breath came nostrils of Osiris, sight to his eyes and movements of his limbs. Then, the devoted wife in the form of a bird descended on Osiris and received his seed to become pregnant.

When she gave birth to their son, Horus, she nursed him in solitude and raised him to manhood to avenge his father’s death. Isis brought her son up in the marshes of the Delta. Horus set out in search of Seth; his father’s slayer, all over Egypt and terrible was the battle between them. Finally, Horus recorded his legendary triumph over evil near the Delta and declared himself as the sole king of Egypt.